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As our name implies, we believe that the Bible presents the most comprehensive and beneficial guide for life; so that is what we teach and follow. The bottom line is we confidently believe in everything the Bible teaches because it is the proven Word of God. In addition, it has empirically demonstrated itself as the guide to true joy in this life. The particulars of what we believe can be found in the New Testament. If you have more questions about who we are, we would love to answer them. Feel free to contact any of the pastors or just drop by! We look forward to meeting you…

Frequently Asked Questions

Are you Bible Thumpers?
No. The Urban Dictionary defines “Bible Thumpers” as people “who use the Bible to attack/defame others’ characters instead of as a guide to proper living.” We try to stray as far away from this definition as humanly possible. We believe that the Bible presents invitation over condemnation. For those who want to follow it–because they have experienced joy, restored marriage, deeper relationship, etc.–the Bible is a pleasant answer to whatever life throws at us. For those opposed to the Bible, it remains as an outstretched hand–an invitation to experience divine love and the positive change that comes from it.
Can anyone come to your church?
No. Perfect people are not allowed at Open Bible Church. That is the best way we can communicate how welcome you are regardless of whether you’re in the driver’s seat of life or barely hanging on.
Do you take the Bible literally?
It depends. If you mean “literally” in the sense that one must open the Bible to any random statement and declare it scientifically true, the answer would be “no.” If you mean literally in the sense of following everything the Bible teaches, the answer is “yes!” Jesus referred to the mustard seed as the “least” or “smallest” of all seeds, but anyone who’s seen a poppy seed knows this is not fully accurate. We find no issue with this because Jesus had no intention of giving a botany lesson about seeds (he multiplied loaves and fish, so no doubt, he could have served up some good poppy seed muffins). Jesus was demonstrating, by reference to the smallest-know seed of the people, how even a small amount of faith can yield amazing results (just like the mustard seed, when planted, grows to such a large plant).
Connecting with God, connecting with others, and connecting with the world in order that we might become fully devoted followers of Christ.
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